Monolithos Reed Diffuser


Monolithos diffuser brings together the smell of the Aegean lily of the sand and sage including a spicy and cheerful note of rose pepper. A sweet scent like the sunrises and sunsets in Santorini. 

How to use: 

Place the reeds into the bottle with the scented oil. Once they have absorbed some of the oil, flip them to begin the release of the scented home fragrance. In order to keep the scent fresh and fragrant, flip your reeds regularly. 

This luxury scented diffuser is hand-made in Greece. The captivating fragrance will infuse the air with scent for up to 10 weeks. 


-100 ml fill 

-Hand-made in Greece

-Not tested on animals

-Alcohol free

-Phthalates, parabens & sulfate-free


€ 45,00