The idea behind Myrepsia Cyclades was conceived in 2020 on Ios Island.

Ios is our childhood. Strong images, frantic summers, carefree moments, smells that we always wanted to capture in a bottle. This was the feeling not only when we were on Ios, but also in every Cycladic Island we visited. Τhis is Myrepsia. Scents and odors that remind us of the deep blue Cyclades’ beaches combined with natural and pure elements from the Cycladic land of Ios.

It is the warm and welcoming feeling that Myrepsia unveils through its products. With this feeling, we will travel with you, make you feel unique and bring you back the unforgettable memories of the Greek summer.

Myrepsia Cyclades is a premium Greek brand of skincare cosmetics scented candles and Reed Diffusers and inspired its name by the Greek word "μυρεψεία", which were the places of making cosmetics, ointments and perfumes during the period of the Minoan and Mycenaean civilization. 

The love for humans and nature is in the heart of our products. That is why the Myrepsia products are made of pure natural ingredients, extracts of thyme and prickly pear from Ios Island and luxury Greek aromas of natural origin.

Driven by our passion for creating a holistic philosophy for skincare using natural ingredients, we make sure that our products are based on the healing properties of thyme and prickly pear oils of Ios. Our products do not contain preservatives, silicone, parabens and other dangerous materials of synthetic origin, while our perfumes do not contain synthetics and dyes. At the same time, during the production process, we take care not to burden the environment and use recyclable packaging.

The candles of Myrepsia Cyclades are hand-poured in Greece and environmentally friendly. During their creation, we use traditional making methods, using perfumes of high quality. Our Reed Difussers are also made with environmentally friendly materials while fragrances your ambience with remarkable perfumes of high quality. 

Welcome to Myrepsia's Cyclades world.